YSLAR Updates: Jul ’11

We have reached the most patriotic of months for many countries, but the United States in particular: July. USA! USA! HooOooOoo! Who better to celebrate Independence Day this July 4 with than Hacksaw Jim Duggan? Truly an outstanding American and legend in WWE history. This past month was pretty uneventful on You Sound Like A […]

VIDEO: Macho Man Randy Savage, “Be A Man”

So it appears that the rapture scheduled for today is not going down. My theory is that Macho Man Randy Savage personally talked God out of it. Yes, it is unfortunate to announce that the one and only Macho Man Randy Savage died yesterday at the age of 58. Following what they believe to be […]

VIDEO: William Shatner Sings WWE Superstar Entrance Themes

So I was watching WWE Raw Monday on the first of the month. The episode was hosted by none other than my boy William Shatner. One bit in particular really had me rolling, this “promo video” for a new CD called William Shatner Sings Your Favorite WWE Superstar Entrance Themes. Watch Shatner’s take the entrance […]

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