MP3: Three Quarter Ale, “The Black Spot”

Well received Ren-rockers Three Quarter Ale will be back at Dragon*Con this year. The Renaissance trio based out of Georgia is comprised of the characters Ariana Pellayle, Rosemary Quench, and Wicked Pete Speakeasy. With the sounds of a 17th century madrigal band with an affinity for piracy, Three Quarter Ale can be found at various [...]

MP3: Three Quarter Ale, “(It Was A) Lover and His Lass”

Our fifteenth band in our Dragon*Con 2008 music spotlight is Three Quarter Ale. Self-labeled “Ren-rock” band Three Quarter Ale hails from the Atlanta, GA area. They are regulars at the local Georgia Renaissance Festival and other local ren-fairs. The in-character trio is composed of Ariana Pellayle, Rosemary Quench, and Wicked Pete Speakeasy who are portrayed [...]

Taste the pain.

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