MP3: The Dirty Dishes, “Stolen Apples”

My favorite shoegaze band, The Dirty Dishes, have officially struck with their eagerly awaited debut EP, In The Clouds. And the best part? You can name your own price to download it. Based out of Boston, Jenny Tuite and her bandmates Kevin, Alex, and Jay impressed me earlier with their track “Deer in Headlights”. Needless [...]

MP3: The Dirty Dishes, “Deer in Headlights”

The Boston based band The Dirty Dishes sent me an e-mail a while back while I was busy with last month’s Dragon*Con undertaking. I really dug their sound though so I made sure to get back to them. The Dirty Dishes is the project of singer/guitarist/songwriter Jenny Tuite. They are an indie rock band who [...]

Taste the pain.

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