YSLAR Updates: September ’12

Those of you who made it to Dragon*Con this weekend… I am jealous! It looks like it was quite a wild time. That would be the dancers from The Crüxshadows putting Nathaniel Johnstone and Steven Archer, half of Ego Likeness, in their places while Donna Lynch, the other half, watches disapprovingly. Or approvingly? It’s difficult […]

VIDEO: The Crüxshadows, “Valkyrie” (Live at Dragon*Con 2011)

I usually spend the whole month of August posting about the different bands attending Dragon*Con. However, I am unable to attend this weekend for the first time in almost ten years! So I decided to take this month off from that. I do want to bring your attention to the new release by The Crüxshadows […]

NEWS: The Cruxshadows Victims Of Theft

It really irks me when things like this happen to good people. The Crüxshadows recently returned to the States from their three month European tour. Unfortunately, their return marked a devastating loss for the band. While in New York City, shortly after landing, the guys and girls decided to stop for a bit of sushi. […]

VIDEO: The Cruxshadows, “Quicksilver”

I woke up this morning to news of the highly anticipated new music video from The Crüxshadows being released. The video is for their latest single, “Quicksilver”, and after watching it I can honestly say it kicks ass. Remember when The Crüxshadows got shafted by Billboard after the initial release of the “Quicksilver” single at […]

REVIEW: Dragon*Con 2009

So Dragon*Con has once again come and gone. This year was a blast. I got to see a lot of cool shows, meet a lot of cool people, and… well… probably a lot more stuff that I can’t even remember. The first night of the convention is technically the day before the thing even starts! […]

VIDEO: The Crüxshadows, “Quicksilver [Live at Summer Darkness ’09]”

No Dragon*Con would be the same without The Crüxshadows present. Luckily, this year is no exception. The touring juggernauts are taking a break from their European tour to come play and hang out at the convention all weekend. The Crüxshadows are currently touring in support of their latest single Quicksilver, to be released in the […]

VIDEO: The Crüxshadows, “Immortal”

Darkwave juggernaut The Crüxshadows released a video for their latest chart-topping single “Immortal” today. This comes just after the announcement of their upcoming single “Quicksilver” to be released some time in early September. Rogue posted a massive update on the band’s MySpace which brought the news of the new single. The Crüxshadows are packing up […]

NEWS: The Crüxshadows Dent the Billboard Charts… Again…

Touring titans The Crüxshadows have done it again. Their latest single, “Immortal”, has appeared on the Billboard charts in two spots thanks in part to the surge of sales during Dragon*Con weekend: #6 on the Hot Singles Sales chart and #2 on the Hot Dance Singles Sales chart! Like their single releases for DreamCypher‘s “Sophia”, […]

MINI-REVIEW: Dragon*Con 2008

Dragon*Con is… …Rogue of The Crüxshadows performing with lightsaber in hand.

NEWS: The Crüxshadows Loses a Couple More Members

Rogue of The Crüxshadows has just released a number of important announcements on the band’s MySpace, read the full post here. The most critical announcements of the post are unfortunately a sad couple. Both George Bikos, guitarist, and Sarah Poulos, dancer, are resigning from active roles in the band. Rachel McDonnel, violin, recently left the […]

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