INTERVIEW: Andrew Futral

During a Field Mouse tour stop in Charlotte, NC I had the opportunity to have a talk with guitarist Andrew Futral. You may also recognize Futral as the brains behind The Age of Rockets as well as the primary producer for each mc chris album since mc chris is dead. He took the time to [...]

MP3: The Age of Rockets, “Elephant & Castle”

Indie rockers The Age of Rockets are in the process of making a new “super pretentious” album, a followup to their recent disc Hannah. Remember those old “choose your own adventure” books? Well Andrew Futral, leader and vocalist of the band, is taking that idea and putting it toward a new record. The epic thirty [...]

MP3: The Age of Rockets, "Pétales Aiment la Saleté"

Recently mc chris has been dropping a number of puzzles and clues for information on his upcoming album, mc chris is dead. His latest puzzle was in response to question as to who his DJ for the new album will be, seeing as DJ John Fewell is no longer making his music. Initially, the puzzle [...]

Taste the pain.

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