VIDEO: The Ghosts Project, “War Zulu [Live at Conflux 2008]“

The Ghosts Project is the project of Dragon*Con regular and expert violinist Paul Mercer. They will be returning this year. In addition to Mercer’s sizzling violin parts, Davis Petterson’s pounding percussion keeps the music rolling. A live Ghosts Project performance is also likely to introduce a number of guest musicians. In the video below, a [...]

MP3: Paul Mercer & The Ghosts Project, “Rajadevi”

Our twentieth feature in our Dragon*Con 2008 spotlight is Paul Mercer and his band The Ghosts Project. The self-trained violinist Paul Mercer, based out of Atlanta, has been attending Dragon*Con for years. Some may remember his work with the band that I first saw at a Dragon*Con, years ago, The Changelings. He and his experimental [...]

Taste the pain.

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