VIDEO: MC Lars, “Flow Like Poe”

Watch the MC Lars’ latest video “Flow Like Poe”.

MP3/VIDEO: Six Christmas Songs That I Am Into Right Now

Ah yes, the return of the Six Songs post! This is a special edition of sorts, six cool Christmas songs released this season. Enjoy six songs from the likes of MC Lars, Abney Park, Random, The Energy Commission, and mc chris after the break!

MP3: MC Lars and mc chris, “The Roommate From Hell”

So right about now mc chris and MC Lars are touring the United Kingdom taking in the scenery across the pond we call the Atlantic Ocean. Here is a picture of the two hanging out at Stonehenge to prove it! This tour marks mc chris’ first trip over seas, a historical set of shows for [...]

MP3/VIDEO: Eight Songs That I Am Into Right Now

It is time for another installment in the newly developed “Eight Songs That I Am Into Right Now” saga. I have brought eight new tracks around this round. Hey, look at that! It’s an eightball! How original, eh? Check out eight songs that I have been into lately below. There are four videos and four [...]

Taste the pain.

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