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Those of you who have followed this blog or just know me in general are aware that I am a big fan of mc chris. I have been following the hip hopper for over ten years now. You Sound Like A Robot is actually a wealthy source of mc music dating back as far as […]

MP3: mc chris, “apple lung”

The long awaited sequel to hip hopper mc chris‘s 2009 mixtape apple tummy has finally arrived. Clocking in at twenty-two tracks apple lung is designed to impress. This release shares much in common with apple tummy. It has been made available via the internet for FREE from mc chris and, like last time, I am […]

VIDEO: Superpowerless, “Little Man”

I love mc chris. I’ve been a big fan for many years. I contemplated not making this post but I feel like it needs to be said. Everybody just needs to get along with each other! Throughout the years that I have known hip hopper mc chris he has been nothing but the coolest mofo […]

VIDEO: mc chris, “tasty face”

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. I just did bath salts… your face looks tasty! But seriously I didn’t do bath salts. I did reference the new Carly Rae Jepson song “Call Me Maybe” however. This new parody of the song put out by hip hopper mc chris tells the tale of […]

MP3: mc chris, “discord”

Some yearly traditions should not be broken. Luckily hip hopper mc chris agrees. For the fifth year in a row he has supplied the masses with a new free song on April Fools Day. He is also gearing up for a Big Easter Sale! Starting at midnight swing by the mc chris store for twenty […]

INTERVIEW: Andrew Futral

During a Field Mouse tour stop in Charlotte, NC I had the opportunity to have a talk with guitarist Andrew Futral. You may also recognize Futral as the brains behind The Age of Rockets as well as the primary producer for each mc chris album since mc chris is dead. He took the time to […]

MP3: mc chris, “nerd cave”

Last week hip hopper mc chris released two tracks hyping the upcoming studio album race wars, due in September later this year. One was a clip of a song titled “nerd cave” which got me thinking about my own nerd cave. So I took a bunch of photos of it. Feel free to check it […]

MP3: mc chris, “qt”

A new song was released on the first of this month by mc chris titled “qt”. The song is dedicated to Quentin Tarantino, the director and actor responsible for many classics including Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Kill Bill. The April Fools Day mp3 release has become somewhat of a tradition for mc chris, from […]

VIDEO: mc chris, “i heart drugs”

Well the contest mentioned previously put on by mc chris has come to an end and a winner has been announced. Many videos were entered in the contest, try a YouTube search for “mc chris i heart drugs” if you’d like to check out the other entries. The new official video for the song was […]

MP3: mc chris, “i heart drugs”

One of a kind hip hopper mc chris released a new track the other day. It is actually a parody of Ke$ha’s popular “Your Love Is My Drug”. This song is instead on ode to inebriates and the things that they do called “i heart drugs”. In the track mc chris explains “I love, I […]

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