VIDEO: Malice Mizer, "ILLUMINATI [Live from Merveilles L'espace]"

Yesterday I, along with countless other people, lost a good friend. After a long battle with Cystic Fibrosis, Justin “Phoenixtear” Johnstone passed away at the age of 26. CrossScar and Savin Jhsoe are two other online aliases he has adopted in the time that I have known him. I originally met Justin around Dragon*Con 2003, [...]

VIDEO: Malice Mizer, "Garnet ~Kindan no Sono E~"

This song, by Malice Mizer, was the final single released before the Japanese band broke up. After Gackt had left the band as vocalist, the vocalist featured in this video by the name of Klaha stepped in to take over. Shortly after the release of “Garnet ~禁断の園へ~” however, the four members posted their official parting [...]

Taste the pain.

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