MP3: HorrorPops, “Walk Like a Zombie”

Okay… we’ve been over this before, but it has never been this serious. I’m afraid this may be my final post for you all. I think some sort of zombie outbreak has happened… bigger than any before! I can peer out of my window and see them sometimes. I’m hoping that all of the time [...]

CONTEST: Win a Signed HorrorPops 5″x7″ Picture

Want a signed picture of the HorrorPops? For free? With no strings attached? Well I have one with your name on it! Well… actually, it has Patricia Day, Kim Nekroman, and Henrik Niedermeier’s names on it… but you could win it! I was lucky enough to meet the three members of the HorrorPops when I [...]

REVIEW: Warped Tour @ Charlotte, NC; 2008-07-14

My face is red. I’m dirty. I had a lot of fun…

MP3: HorrorPops, "Miss Take"

Damn. So the HorrorPops were in town last night. I thought it was tonight, and so I missed the show. I did the same thing with Les Claypool when he came through last time. I really need to pay more attention. Anyway, since I missed the show I’ve been listening to a lot of the [...]

Taste the pain.

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