NEWS: Blasphemous Horrors Artwork Available Super Cheap

Steven Archer, of Ego Likeness and Hopeful Machines, is having a sale on select pieces of his artwork from his year-long Blasphemous Horrors project for Weird Tales Magazine. Click here for a list of the marked-down pieces, each costing only $25 compared to the normal (already low) price of $50. Keep up with the Blasphemous [...]

NEWS: New “Blasphemous Horrors” Project Under Way…

You may know Steven Archer as the male half behind Ego Likeness, however he is not only an accomplished musician but an accomplished artist as well. A B.F.A. degree graduate, Archer has been making art for years. Many of his pieces can be purchased for affordable prices from the band’s LiveJournal… heck, I have a [...]

NEWS: Newest Hopeful Machines album finally released for download!

I suppose I’ll follow up my Ego Likeness post with news that the latest Hopeful Machines album, ::Theskydrinksonlyfrommymouth::, has been released for download. The news was just released on the ego_likeness LiveJournal. If you remember, the album was released as a very limited 2-CD set a while back paired with ::Amphetamedian::. To download the album [...]

NEWS: New Hopeful Machines albums released!

The albums that I previously mentioned by Hopeful Machines have officially been released. At the moment Amphetamedian is available for free download online, you may get there by clicking the image below… The other album, Theskydrinksonlyfrommymouth, is only available as a Deluxe Limited Edition currently. This limited edition comes in one of twenty-five uniquely hand-painted [...]

NEWS: New Hopeful Machines album announced!

Steven Archer, of Ego Likeness, just made public knowledge of an upcoming Hopeful Machines release. The album is titled Amphetamedian. Hopeful Machines is Steven’s side project best described as “atmospheric ambient electronica.” There is no official set-date on the album release, although he says that it should be within a week or two. This will [...]

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