VIDEO: Ego Likeness, “Treacherous Thing”

This post is actually a twofer. Post goth juggernauts Ego Likeness recently released a new single and music video called “Treacherous Thing”. They also played a show at the Atlanta convention Dragon*Con early this month. Check out both of these videos below! “Treacherous Thing” is the first single from the Baltimore-based band’s upcoming album Know […]

YSLAR Updates: September ’12

Those of you who made it to Dragon*Con this weekend… I am jealous! It looks like it was quite a wild time. That would be the dancers from The Cr√ľxshadows putting Nathaniel Johnstone and Steven Archer, half of Ego Likeness, in their places while Donna Lynch, the other half, watches disapprovingly. Or approvingly? It’s difficult […]

NEWS: Ego Likeness Rocks!

If I had to make a list of my all time favorite bands, people, and concert experiences all three lists would have darkwave duo Ego Likeness damn near close to the top spot. I have followed Steve and Donna for years and have grown very fond of them. I consider them both my friends. The […]

NEWS: Ego Likeness’ “North” EP Announced

The third out of four planned “compass EPs” by the darkwave duo Ego Likeness has officially been announced. North is available for pre-order on their website. Any ordered discs should make it out before they head off on tour with Bella Morte later this month. As usual Kyle Cassidy is responsible for the band’s cover […]

NEWS: The Tiger Towel Must Be Obeyed!

Tiger Towel, the recently appointed manager of darkwave band Ego Likeness, has a message for you. It is “obey.” Check out Tiger Towel’s FaceBook for more information. You can see a picture of Tiger Towel posing with MindCage of Mindless Faith below. FaceBook

NEWS: Ego Likeness’ “West” EP Announced

The second chapter in darkwave band Ego Likeness‘ Compass EPs series is now available for preorder. Like it’s predecessor, South, the EP will be self released and limited to a small run of 300 units. The disc, which is moving much faster than South according to the band on their LiveJournal, will run you $10 […]

NEWS: Blasphemous Horrors Artwork Available Super Cheap

Steven Archer, of Ego Likeness and Hopeful Machines, is having a sale on select pieces of his artwork from his year-long Blasphemous Horrors project for Weird Tales Magazine. Click here for a list of the marked-down pieces, each costing only $25 compared to the normal (already low) price of $50. Keep up with the Blasphemous […]

NEWS: New “Blasphemous Horrors” Project Under Way…

You may know Steven Archer as the male half behind Ego Likeness, however he is not only an accomplished musician but an accomplished artist as well. A B.F.A. degree graduate, Archer has been making art for years. Many of his pieces can be purchased for affordable prices from the band’s LiveJournal… heck, I have a […]

NEWS: Ego Likeness + Star Wars?

I actually originally posted this in my personal blog over a year ago, but I got to thinking about it the other day after the Ego Likeness concert on my birthday and realized that it would be a nice addition to YSLAR. It involves Ego Likeness’ Dragonfly album (Buy it now!) and Star Wars Episode […]

NEWS: My balls are brown!

…possibly with a hint of cinnamon, it looks like. At least according to this rendition by Ego Likeness’ Steven Archer. I suppose I should elaborate…

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