VIDEO: Ego Likeness, “Treacherous Thing”

This post is actually a twofer. Post goth juggernauts Ego Likeness recently released a new single and music video called “Treacherous Thing”. They also played a show at the Atlanta convention Dragon*Con early this month. Check out both of these videos below! “Treacherous Thing” is the first single from the Baltimore-based band’s upcoming album Know [...]

YSLAR Updates: September ’12

Those of you who made it to Dragon*Con this weekend… I am jealous! It looks like it was quite a wild time. That would be the dancers from The Crüxshadows putting Nathaniel Johnstone and Steven Archer, half of Ego Likeness, in their places while Donna Lynch, the other half, watches disapprovingly. Or approvingly? It’s difficult [...]

CONTEST: Win A Trinity Project / Angelfall Studios CD Bundle!

I have a new contest for everyone, and a good one at that! This one is for fans of Ego Likeness and their related projects including The Trinity Project and Hopeful Machines. I have three sets of two CDs to give away, enter to win after the break! The CD bundle includes two albums from [...]

MP3: Ego Likeness, The Sophie EP

Okay, so it isn’t really considered an official EP by any means. This is more a collection of four tracks released in conjunction with and because of Sophie, a cat that lives with Steven Archer and Donna Lynch of Ego Likeness. Sophie recently suffered sudden heart failure. Thanks to the quick reaction of Donna and [...]

MP3: Ego Likeness, “The Devils In The Chemicals”

Friends of You Sound Like A Robot, Steve and Donna of Ego Likeness, will be present at this year’s Dragon*Con. They will be hanging around the full weekend, however their show has been scheduled for Friday night in the Hyatt. They are currently setting out on a tour along the East coast through the rest [...]

REVIEW: Electronic Saviors Benefit Concert @ Springfield, VA

I had the opportunity to catch an amazing evening of concerts the other day. The benefit concert / release party for the new compilation Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer featured a number of acts performing some pretty great tunes. The compilation features 83 exclusive tracks from bands throughout the genre. Jim Semonik, being [...]

NEWS: Ego Likeness Rocks!

If I had to make a list of my all time favorite bands, people, and concert experiences all three lists would have darkwave duo Ego Likeness damn near close to the top spot. I have followed Steve and Donna for years and have grown very fond of them. I consider them both my friends. The [...]

NEWS: Ego Likeness’ “North” EP Announced

The third out of four planned “compass EPs” by the darkwave duo Ego Likeness has officially been announced. North is available for pre-order on their website. Any ordered discs should make it out before they head off on tour with Bella Morte later this month. As usual Kyle Cassidy is responsible for the band’s cover [...]

NEWS: The Tiger Towel Must Be Obeyed!

Tiger Towel, the recently appointed manager of darkwave band Ego Likeness, has a message for you. It is “obey.” Check out Tiger Towel’s FaceBook for more information. You can see a picture of Tiger Towel posing with MindCage of Mindless Faith below. FaceBook

MP3: Ego Likeness, “Sirens and Satellites”

Ego Likeness announced today that they have officially signed with Metropolis Records. The duo has been without the support of a label since the closing of Dancing Ferret Discs at the end of last year. The above image was released recently on the band’s LiveJournal with the tag of Summer 2009. Hints of the next [...]

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