MP3: Peelander-Z live @ The DNA Lounge; 2012-05-06

It has been a while since the last time I shared a show from the DNA Lounge, a nightclub located in San Francisco, CA. They were actually shut down and remodeling for a while. I was happy to see Sunday night that not only are they back open but Japanese action comic punks from space [...]

MP3: Abney Park live @ The DNA Lounge; 2010-10-08

The Seattle based steampunkers Abney Park are back with a new album. The End Of Days was released just the other day and is available via the Abney Park Market in CD form. Digital releases will follow, but not for a few months. The band has been promoting the disc through sporadic shows, mostly across [...]

MP3: Ayria live @ The DNA Lounge; 2007-01-21

Canadian sythpop band Ayria is currently searching for a new live keyboardist for the upcoming tours, as their current keyboard player Joe Byer will not be able to attend any shows in the near future due to real life responsibilities. Joe is getting married this Fall, so a big congratulations to him. Go and check [...]

MP3: Ego Likeness live @ The DNA Lounge; 2008-01-27

I’ve mentioned that Ego Likeness and Voltaire are touring together before in this previous entry. Well, I just wanted to chime in to remind all of you lovely readers, the tour has already started. Their next stop on what has been dubbed the “Maiden Voyage Tour” seeing as it’s Voltaire’s first real tour is in [...]

MP3: The Crüxshadows live @ The DNA Lounge; 2007-01-21

Over a year ago, on January 27 of 2007, The Crüxshadows along with supporting bands Ayria and Ego Likeness took the stage at the San Fransisco, CA club The DNA Lounge. One thing that is awesome about this particular venue is that they always broadcast their events via webcam to the internet, as well as [...]

MP3: Ego Likeness live @ The DNA Lounge; 2007-01-21

A very happy birthday today to Steven Archer, the male half behind Ego Likeness and the male whole behind Hopeful Machines, on behalf of me and You Sound Like A Robot! I wanted to put a picture of him rocking out on guitar as he does so well, but I think this picture is just [...]

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