MP3: Computer vs. Banjo, “Railroad Believer”

This duo based out of the heart and soul of American music Nashville, TN first came to my attention over two years ago. Computer vs. Banjo had just released their self-titled disc. I listened to that album a lot. I still do. Naturally, I was excited to see that their latest album had finally been [...]

MP3: Computer vs. Banjo, “Give Up On Ghosts (Ki:Theory Remix)”

One of my personal favorite discoveries from running this blog over the past year is the relatively new band Computer vs. Banjo. After the release of their debut, self-titled album Beau Stapleton and Johnny Mann have been working on music for MTV and generally keeping busy. Their friends Ki:Theory, mid-air, Ninja Simone, and Kalesto have [...]

CONTEST: Win Computer vs. Banjo’s Debut EP!

Note: The contest end date has changed from August 10 to July 24. How would you like to win a free CD? What about an autographed free CD? Well then read on, my brother! One of the best bands I’ve had come across my e-mail yet is Computer vs. Banjo. It is definitely the most [...]

Taste the pain.

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