MP3/VIDEO: Six Songs That I Am Into Right Now

I figured why not get out another “Eight Songs” post before the end of the year? Only this time I’m trying something new. This will mark the first post in a new direction followed in 2011, a less dense yet more frequent “Six Songs That I Am Into Right Now”. While the warm glow radiating [...]

NEWS: Björk Attacks a Photographer… Again…

Remember back in 1996 when Björk attacked a woman in a Bangkok airport? I don’t, but I do recall seeing this video a number of times in the years since… Direct link to the video Well, apparently one airport attack is not enough for the Icelandic artist. This time she lashed out at a photographer [...]

REVIEW: Björk, "Volta"

Artist: Björk Album: Volta Year: 2007 Label: One Little Indian Score: I’ve been actively listening to Björk’s music for a few years now, purchasing nearly her entire back catalogue since then. Björk is the type of musician whose sound alters so much from album to album it’s hardly the same artist… yet every disc is [...]

VIDEO: Björk, "Earth Intruders [Live on SNL]"

So I just found out that Björk is releasing a new album called Volta next week. Also that she performed on SNL recently to promote it, playing the first single for the album titled “Earth Intruders.” I immediately did some research and found out a few cool things about the album, for instance it was [...]

Taste the pain.

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