VIDEO: Bella Morte, “My Heart Will Go On” [Live at Dragon*Con 2011]

It was one hundred years ago tonight the ill-fated RMS Titanic struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. Good thing they didn’t make it to the States or all of these movies and spinoffs would never have been made, eh? The picture above is from one of my favorite […]

INTERVIEW: Bella Morte

I had a great time at MystiCon in Roanoke, VA! The weekend was a blast and I got to finish it off by sitting down with Tony Lechmanski and Andy Deane from one of my favorite bands Bella Morte. The guys put on a great show in a cozy room. Andy bounced around narrowly missing […]

VIDEO: Bella Morte “Find Forever Gone” Live

So, first off, i think i will skip a lengthy introduction, if you dont know of them or listen to them hopefully this post will inspire you to check them out. Bella Morte will be attending Dragon*Con this year, and will be playing friday evening with The Last Dance. Official Site | Facebook Bella Morte […]

VIDEO: Bella Morte, “Find Forever Gone”

Bella Morte is one of my personal favorite bands. Their latest album, Beautiful Death, has been out for over two weeks and has maintained the number one spot on their label Metropolis Records‘ top sellers list since. The album’s name marks the first time Bella Morte has released a self-titled album… well, kinda. It’s a […]

VIDEO: Bella Morte, "On the Edge"

A while back Bella Morte filmed what was to become the music video for the opening track of their latest album, Bleed the Grey Sky Black, titled “On the Edge”. Unfortunately, the video was being stored on a hard drive which happened to crash. The band thought all was lost. As a result the second […]

VIDEO: Bella Morte, "Earth Angel"

One more Dragon*Con band post before I leave for the big weekend. This song, taken from Bella Morte’s latest album Bleed the Grey Sky Black, is a pretty amusing cover of the ancient “Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine” originally released in 1954 by The Penguins (Buy it now!). The video is definitely top notch […]

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