VIDEO: Abney Park, “My Life”

Another band that I am excited to see at this year’s Dragon*Con are the steampunkers in Abney Park. They recently released this video for the song “My Life” from their latest album, √Üther Shanties. You can watch it after the break. Be sure to stop by and meet the folks from Abney Park at the […]

REVIEW: Dragon*Con 2009

So Dragon*Con has once again come and gone. This year was a blast. I got to see a lot of cool shows, meet a lot of cool people, and… well… probably a lot more stuff that I can’t even remember. The first night of the convention is technically the day before the thing even starts! […]

VIDEO: The Ghosts Project, “War Zulu [Live at Conflux 2008]”

The Ghosts Project is the project of Dragon*Con regular and expert violinist Paul Mercer. They will be returning this year. In addition to Mercer’s sizzling violin parts, Davis Petterson’s pounding percussion keeps the music rolling. A live Ghosts Project performance is also likely to introduce a number of guest musicians. In the video below, a […]

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