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This resilient blog specializes in music of various genres and everything related. Stick around and enjoy the sights and sounds. Be sure to invest some of your time and interest in the musicians featured and don’t forget to support them if you like what you hear!

Since April 2007 YSLAR has featured music Videos, Interviews, music News, Contests, music Reviews, as well as many mp3, FLAC, and Sheet Music Downloads. This extensive collection of posts can be accessed by using the various menus on the sidebars to the right. Or, if you’re extra lazy like me, just search for what you want in the search box up top.

Many have asked what is up with the name. You Sound Like A Robot, eh? Well, the whole phrase stems from a particularly memorable Dragon*Con 2006 panel featuring The Cr√ľxshadows and some robotic sounding microphones. I thought it sounded unique and relevant, the rest is history.

If you want to make us aware of your band, or to complain to someone, or just to chat then shoot over an e-mail. Due to heavy traffic I have switched to a new email address. If you are sending things to the old one, check out the new one listed below. It may take a while for me to get to it, although I try to read (and listen to) anything that is sent through!

If you do send music as a general rule I like to follow I usually do not download any zip or exe files. I also don’t like sites like MegaUpload or RapidShare or, well, any site that blasts your computer with spyware while you stare at ads and wait on a countdown timer to download. You can send an HTML message, but please double check it before hitting send. I’m not into deciphering code to read a message. It is also courteous to send a Soundcloud or Bandcamp link… somewhere that music can be streamed without downloading. One more thing: although I dig music from all over the world including Russia, Japan, Germany, Iceland, and more I speak English. I can’t read or understand any other language, even though I like listening to it.

Beau B Wan – beaubwan at yousoundlikearobot dot com.

SkittleSo, this is my blog. I like music, but you probably already guessed that. I was raised on the Gulf Coast in Alabama, recently relocating to North Carolina. I was in marching, symphonic, and jazz band in school for five years and have since further studied music in college and learned how to make decent sounds come from a trumpet, guitar, bass guitar, piano, and recently the didgeridoo. I have been blogging for years and music is my favorite thing that isn’t Star Wars. I also play in a band around the Charlotte area called Dr. Cirkustien!

Taste the pain.