YSLAR Updates: March ’15

It is March. This month is generally associated with the end of Winter and leprechauns where I come from. There is also Pi Day if you are a math fan. Who all paint the leprechaun say yeah! One of my favorite leprechaun things is the leprechaun video filmed in the Crichton neighborhood of my home […]

YSLAR Updates: February ’15

There is one thing in particular that I think of every time February rolls around… Mardi Gras! I am actually going to be out of town visiting family and catching a few parades this month. Holy chocolate Moon Pie, Batman! Updates will be slow this month. I’m going to be gone for two weeks. I […]

YSLAR Updates: January ’15

Ah yes, 2015. Another new year is upon us. Some tend to get more excited about this pseudo-holiday than others. What did you do for New Years Eve? I had a modest gathering at my home with friends. We watched a couple movies and did the cliche annual watching of “the ball” dropping in New […]

YSLAR Updates: December ’14

Wow. So it has been a while. It has been a long while. Like… it has been since Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” was fresh and relevant. So life is a thing that happens to most people. This caused me to be diverted from the music blog for a long while. What have I been up to? […]

YSLAR Updates: September ’12

Those of you who made it to Dragon*Con this weekend… I am jealous! It looks like it was quite a wild time. That would be the dancers from The Cr√ľxshadows putting Nathaniel Johnstone and Steven Archer, half of Ego Likeness, in their places while Donna Lynch, the other half, watches disapprovingly. Or approvingly? It’s difficult […]

YSLAR: Ticket Scalping

Hey. Ticket scalpers. Fok julle naaiers! So I mentioned the other day the I will be watching Die Antwoord live this month. It looks like this has changed. When I went to purchase tickets this morning it had just sold out. Oh, you can still get tickets… from the shady ticket scalpers that snatched them […]

YSLAR: E-mail!

I just cleared out my inbox here on You Sound Like A Robot. If you have contacted me through there recently I may not have seen it. As a reminder you can reach me at skittle at yousoundlikearobot dot com. Please send me an e-mail if there is something wrong with the website, if you […]

YSLAR Updates: August ’12

It is August. The Olympics are on television. I’m going to see The Dark Knight Rises today! Excitement! There are big plans for August on You Sound Like A Robot. Keep your eyes pealed and bookmark your favorite music blog (this one?) to keep up with the latest in good music, videos, interviews and more. […]

YSLAR Updates: July ’12

This post is the bee’s knees.

YSLAR: Updates June ’12

June 2012 is upon us. There are a lot of crazy cannibalistic crimes happening lately. Some say this may be the first signs of the zombie apocalypse. Prepare your goats! So I got to see some cool bands live last month. I got to catch Adam WarRock, Tribe One, and Mikal kHill of the ThoughtCriminals […]

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