VIDEO: Psy, “Gangnam Style”

By now I’m sure you have seen or at least heard of the latest thing out of South Korea, Psy‘s new song / video / dance craze “Gangnam Style”… Readers of You Sound Like A Robot know that I am generally a fan of music hailing from the Far East. A lot of good stuff […]

VIDEO: NHK Earthquake Charity Song, “Hana wa Saku (Flowers Will Bloom)”

So I was watching Japan’s international channel NHK World. Just now between two of my favorite programs, the super extreme Extreme Japan and the super cool Cool Japan, I saw this beautiful video called “Flowers Will Bloom”. The song was produced by NHK to show support for the recovery efforts in the disaster struck areas […]


I had the opportunity to catch Japanese pop punk rockers Uzuhi live late last month. Before the show I was not very familiar with the band other than the fact that they were Japanese and, well, pop punk rockers. It was an amazing show and just like that they gained a new fan. The band’s […]

VIDEO: Ego Likeness, “Treacherous Thing”

This post is actually a twofer. Post goth juggernauts Ego Likeness recently released a new single and music video called “Treacherous Thing”. They also played a show at the Atlanta convention Dragon*Con early this month. Check out both of these videos below! “Treacherous Thing” is the first single from the Baltimore-based band’s upcoming album Know […]

VIDEO: The Crüxshadows, “Valkyrie” (Live at Dragon*Con 2011)

I usually spend the whole month of August posting about the different bands attending Dragon*Con. However, I am unable to attend this weekend for the first time in almost ten years! So I decided to take this month off from that. I do want to bring your attention to the new release by The Crüxshadows […]

VIDEO: Random, “Buggin’ (The Metamorphosis)”

Random released a new video today from his conceptual three-part album Language Arts. It is a unique tune based on the short story The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Although “Buggin’” was released today in video form, and it is a track taken from Language Arts: Volume 1, the followup volume will be released tonight! I’d […]

VIDEO: MC Lars, “Flow Like Poe”

Watch the MC Lars’ latest video “Flow Like Poe”.

VIDEO: Superpowerless, “Little Man”

I love mc chris. I’ve been a big fan for many years. I contemplated not making this post but I feel like it needs to be said. Everybody just needs to get along with each other! Throughout the years that I have known hip hopper mc chris he has been nothing but the coolest mofo […]

INTERVIEW: The ThoughtCriminals

I had the opportunity to ask Mikal kHill and Sulfur of the Charlotte based ThoughtCriminals a few questions earlier this week after the MC Lars show. Hear that and more below! The show was great! It was a superb lineup. Justin Aswell of Mr. Invisible was DJ throughout the night. The ThoughtCriminals took the stage […]

VIDEO: Matisyahu, “Sunshine”

Have you seen Hasidic reggae musician Matisyahu lately? For those of us who have gotten used to the Orthodex Jew look that became his staple during his career, like me… you are in for a shock! A drastic change in style is presented in the new music video for “Sunshine”. The track was released this […]

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