mc chris

Those of you who have followed this blog or just know me in general are aware that I am a big fan of mc chris. I have been following the hip hopper for over ten years now. You Sound Like A Robot is actually a wealthy source of mc music dating back as far as […]

Tribe One

I recently had a chance to have a conversation with hip hopper Tribe One. I recorded the interview so that you, the fans, and I could take a step into the mind of the former librarian and rapper. Tribe One rapping profusely. You can check out the questions and answers below. I transcribed them to […]

INTERVIEW: The ThoughtCriminals

I had the opportunity to ask Mikal kHill and Sulfur of the Charlotte based ThoughtCriminals a few questions earlier this week after the MC Lars show. Hear that and more below! The show was great! It was a superb lineup. Justin Aswell of Mr. Invisible was DJ throughout the night. The ThoughtCriminals took the stage […]

INTERVIEW: Random and Willie Evans Jr.

When The VS Tour swung through Charlotte this weekend I had the chance to have a talk with Random, aka Mega Ran, and Willie Evans Jr. Listen to that below. The show was fantastic. With the crowd squeezing into the cozy Crown Station venue fans played Street Fighter and Tekken while they waited for the […]

INTERVIEW: Bella Morte

I had a great time at MystiCon in Roanoke, VA! The weekend was a blast and I got to finish it off by sitting down with Tony Lechmanski and Andy Deane from one of my favorite bands Bella Morte. The guys put on a great show in a cozy room. Andy bounced around narrowly missing […]

INTERVIEW: The Body Bags

NOTE: This blog was written by guest blogger Russy of The Body Bags Recently Skittle and I made a short trip across the border to Rock Hill, South Carolina. We had two goals for ourselves, 1.Eat Del Taco and more importantly, 2. Head down to the Money Club and snag an interview with one of […]

INTERVIEW: Andrew Futral

During a Field Mouse tour stop in Charlotte, NC I had the opportunity to have a talk with guitarist Andrew Futral. You may also recognize Futral as the brains behind The Age of Rockets as well as the primary producer for each mc chris album since mc chris is dead. He took the time to […]

INTERVIEW: mc chris

Recently, mc chris took time from his busy touring schedule with The Age of Rockets (check out his tour dates on to do a twenty-question interview for You Sound Like A Robot. Be sure to see him on tour this year and purchase a copy of his latest album, mc chris is dead. Links […]

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