MP3: mc chris, “apple lung”

The long awaited sequel to hip hopper mc chris‘s 2009 mixtape apple tummy has finally arrived. Clocking in at twenty-two tracks apple lung is designed to impress. This release shares much in common with apple tummy. It has been made available via the internet for FREE from mc chris and, like last time, I am [...]

MP3: RoQ’y TyRaiD, “I QUIT!”

So I quit my job. Don’t worry, it’s just the one. Now I work one job like a normal person. I wish I had the guts to leave in the fashion that Phoenix, AR based hip hopper RoQy TyRaiD did at his old job. It was epic enough to put into a song, appropriately titled [...]

MP3: Peelander-Z live @ The DNA Lounge; 2012-05-06

It has been a while since the last time I shared a show from the DNA Lounge, a nightclub located in San Francisco, CA. They were actually shut down and remodeling for a while. I was happy to see Sunday night that not only are they back open but Japanese action comic punks from space [...]

MP3: ThoughtCriminals, “I Remember Now”

I had the chance to see the Charlotte, NC based ThoughtCriminals while I was at the VS Tour with Random and Willie Evans Jr. These guys definitely impressed. Mikal kHill and Sulfur are the core of the hip hop group with other live band members performing along at select shows. The ThoughtCriminals have been taken [...]

MP3: mc chris, “discord”

Some yearly traditions should not be broken. Luckily hip hopper mc chris agrees. For the fifth year in a row he has supplied the masses with a new free song on April Fools Day. He is also gearing up for a Big Easter Sale! Starting at midnight swing by the mc chris store for twenty [...]

MP3/VIDEO: Six Japanese Songs That I Am Into Lately

One year ago one of the coolest places on the planet was struck by a devastating earthquake and an even worse tsunami. In the months since then the country of Japan has been pulling itself back together and looking toward the future. I posted about the tragedy with a Gackt mp3 after it happened, including [...]

INTERVIEW: Random and Willie Evans Jr.

When The VS Tour swung through Charlotte this weekend I had the chance to have a talk with Random, aka Mega Ran, and Willie Evans Jr. Listen to that below. The show was fantastic. With the crowd squeezing into the cozy Crown Station venue fans played Street Fighter and Tekken while they waited for the [...]

INTERVIEW: Bella Morte

I had a great time at MystiCon in Roanoke, VA! The weekend was a blast and I got to finish it off by sitting down with Tony Lechmanski and Andy Deane from one of my favorite bands Bella Morte. The guys put on a great show in a cozy room. Andy bounced around narrowly missing [...]

VIDEO: Field Mouse, “Glass”

The four-piece dream pop band Field Mouse released a new music video earlier today. It is for a new song titled “Glass”. The band hails from Brooklyn, NY. This is not their first time on the site. A few months back I set up an interview with Andrew Futral from Field Mouse, among other things. [...]

MP3/VIDEO: Six Christmas Songs That I Am Into Right Now

Ah yes, the return of the Six Songs post! This is a special edition of sorts, six cool Christmas songs released this season. Enjoy six songs from the likes of MC Lars, Abney Park, Random, The Energy Commission, and mc chris after the break!

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