CONTEST: Win Deep Purple and The Royal Philharmonic on DVD!

I have another DVD to throw your way. This one is called Deep Purple Concerto For Group And Orchestra and features the recording of an epic pairing of musical worlds in performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall on September 24, 1969. A three movement piece features a battle of sorts between one of the most […]

CONTEST: Win “Across The Universe” On DVD!

It’s been too long since You Sound Like A Robot last had a contest. Well, I would like to break that habit right now. Win one of my favorite movies on DVD, Across The Universe here! The musical runs over two hours long featuring various songs from the catalog of The Beatles. The performances really […]

CONTEST: Win Anna Rose’s “Nomad” CD!

Last month the followup to Anna Rose‘s self-titled EP saw release in the form of her debut studio album, Nomad. Thanks to Anna and White Pony Records I have a couple copies of the CD to give away. Enter below for a shot at one of them! Nomad features twelve tracks showing off the bluesy […]

CONTEST: Win Against Me!’s “White Crosses” CD

Well known among the punk music scene, the Florida based Against Me! have been making music together for about a decade. Their latest album was released just today, in fact. It is titled White Crosses and I have a CD that could be yours. Enter to win one below! The new album is their second […]

CONTEST: Win A Signed Moonlit Daydreams Book!

So my wife wrote a book. Since she’s awesome and all you should check it out. She’s even letting me give one of them away on here! Her name is Rebecca Carter, at least it has been since she married this joker. Her book is called Moonlit Daydreams. It’s not music related exactly, but a […]

CONTEST: Win An Animusic DVD Bundle!

I remember first seeing the Animusic videos on PBS back in the day when it had been released. I was way into it then and wasn’t even aware that a second DVD of videos had since been released until the other day. Luckily I have a copy of each to give to you! Animusic features […]

YSLAR Updates: September ’09

September is finally here which means I’m getting pumped for Dragon*Con. I featured almost all of the attending bands throughout last month. That was quite a task to undertake, but I always enjoy learning about new music. You may notice a lull in posts soon. After Dragon*Con is out of the way things should resume […]

CONTEST: Win A My Favorite Highway Autographed Poster!

The pop rock quartet My Favorite Highway is currently on tour supporting their debut release from Virgin Records, How To Call A Bluff. And lucky for you guys I have five double-sided posters, autographed by the band, that are anxious to find their way to you! Based out of Fairfax, VA My Favorite Highway is […]

YSLAR Updates: September ’08

I have returned, and as such September has begun. Dragon*Con was pretty fun. I got to see a few cool concerts and meet a few cool people. I also got some sweet new goggles. The taxing task that I undertook of featuring the attending bands of D*C 2008 went well. I made more posts last […]

YSLAR Updates: August ’08

Another month has passed, and a special month has arrived. August will be a special month in that I am dedicating it to the upcoming annual convention held in Atlanta, GA: Dragon*Con… Each post will feature one of the bands playing at the convention, held August 29 to September 1. Unless something important comes up, […]

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