VIDEO: Les Claypool, Live at Bonnaroo ’06

Posted on May 3, 2007 by Beau B Wan.
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Google Video is awesome because folks upload entire concert sets. Here you have 48 minutes of Les Claypool and his Fancy Band’s set at last year’s Bonnaroo ( festival. I’ve always wanted to go to the annual festival, but the thought of no showers and the constant odor of sweat and patchouli has made me hesitate.

The reason I post a Les Claypool video tonight is that, not only is he about the awesomest thing since awesome was invented, but he’s just announced a new tour with his Fancy Band spanning from late May on into June in order to promote his new DVD, Fancy. He’s playing Atlanta, at the same venue I saw him at last year, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to make it this tour unfortunately. It’s an amazing show though, as you can see below, so I would highly recommend checking it out if he’s coming near you. The man’s a legend on bass.

Info on the upcoming tour.Buy it now!


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