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Posted on August 9, 2007 by Skittle.
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With every job that comes with co-workers there are people that you like and there are people that you don’t. More often than not, the majority of which can be shuffled into the latter of the two groups. One of my managers, Joe, is one of the co-workers that I am quite fond of. Unfortunately, his wife was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He doesn’t like talking about it, for obvious reasons, but it is apparently a very serious form the disease. I know, as if there are any unserious forms of leukemia. Over the past few months he has been in and out of the hospital with her. Every time he gets a call and has to rush out of work in the middle of a shift I can’t help but feel sorry for him, his two children, and his wife.

Next week he is taking three weeks of family leave to take care of Beverly, care for his children, and just spend time with her. I really hope she can beat the cancer before it beats her. I thought about getting them a greeting card, but I’ve always found them unpersonal and uncreative. I mean, everyone does that. So I’ve decided to make them a compilation of music from my personal library that I find fitting. They are a religious family, so I’ve incorporated a few Christian-based songs into the track listing. I’ve limited it to ten tracks also, not too long and not too short. The final tracklisting that I’ve settled on, as well as my personal descriptions of each song and mp3 download links, is as follows…

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  1. Johnny Cash, “Rose of My Heart” – This track was released on Johnny Cash’s posthumous album American V: A Hundred Highways. Though not a huge follower of country, I am enthralled with Johnny Cash. Particularly his later recordings on the American Recordings label. I thought this was a good, and beautiful, song to start the compilation on.
  2. Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, “Come What May” – From the film Moulin Rouge!, Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman actually had a charting single with this song. McGregor’s character penned the song about his relationship with Kidman’s character. One of my favorite movies and one of my favorite songs.
  3. The Crüxshadows, “Defender” – This band, The Crüxshadows, has made an immense impact on my life. This song is from their latest album, DreamCypher. It’s about not giving up hope, no matter what.
  4. Paul McCartney, “How Kind of You” – In 1998 Paul McCartney lost his wife of 29 years, Linda, to breast cancer. This is a very personal song of his from Chaos and Creation in the Backyard that I believe is about her.
  5. Michael Jackson, “Speechless” – No matter your personal thoughts on Michael Jackson, he is an extraordinary musician. This song from his ’01 “Comeback” album Invincible while not even a single is my favorite song of his. It’s amazing.
  6. The Dreamside, “Slay Your Dragons” – This song by The Dreamside’s lyrics may seem a bit hokey, but it has a nice meaning. It is from Spin Moon Magic.
  7. Josh Turner, “Me and God” – Becca turned me on to Josh Turner, another country musician. Particularly this song from Your Man. Keep faith.
  8. John Lennon, “Oh My Love” – A nice song from John Lennon’s classic Imagine album.
  9. Voltaire, “Anniversary” – Voltaire is one of my personal favorite musicians. This song from his debut album is one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard.
  10. William Shatner, “Together” – You may know William Shatner as Captain Kirk from Star Trek. He has had two little outings as a musician, the first of which was laughable to say the least. This song comes from his recent album Has Been. While not everyone’s cup of tea musically, this is a personal song of his which I believe fits well at the end of this disc. We’re ready.

Keep them in your prayers to whichever deity you choose please.

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