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Posted on February 29, 2012 by Beau B Wan.
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I had a great time at MystiCon in Roanoke, VA! The weekend was a blast and I got to finish it off by sitting down with Tony Lechmanski and Andy Deane from one of my favorite bands Bella Morte.

Andy and Tony with Spiderman

The guys put on a great show in a cozy room. Andy bounced around narrowly missing the low hanging chandelier (sometimes not so much). The audience was energetic, rubbing elbows with Nicki Clyne of Battlestar Gallactica and a vampire Santa named Sal Lizard. Although Andy and Tony were hanging out all weekend the only time that I got to see Marshall Camden and Jordan Marchini was at the actual show. I didn’t get to talk to them although Jordan tossed me a drum stick at the end of the set. For that, he is alright by me. \m/

Official site | Facebook | Reverbnation | Twitter | Andy’s Twitter | Tony’s Twitter

Bella Morte and Nicki Clyne

I can’t take credit for the pictures of Andy and Tony posing with Spiderman or Nicki, but the live shot below is the only picture that I took of the guys all weekend. It was from the front row. Anyway, I included a few extras in this post. The first track from Bella Morte’s 2011 album Before The Flood is below so that you can give it a listen to sample their newest full length. It is titled “Skin”. If you like it… buy it! There are two easy to use Amazon widgets on this page, for mp3 or CD depending on your preference. These guys make great music and were cool enough to sit down for an interview with me.

Bella Morte live at MystiCon

Throughout the interview the hour-long documentary Why You Do This and Bella Morte’s video for “In The Dirt” come up in conversation. You can find these videos mixed up with the interview below. The conversation was about fifteen minutes long and my favorite interview that I have done so far. I considered converting the conversation to text but much of the stuff these guys have to say is best experienced by just listening to them. Still, if you are deaf or something, I included a bit of information on their answers below the media player for each question. So without further ado, enjoy this interview in which we almost didn’t talk about bodily fluids. Almost.

Bella Morte - Rare and Unreleased Volume 1

The new Bella Morte album is a compilation of unreleased and older songs like “Fall No More”. What was it like putting that together?

Listen to their response!

Andy calls it a very fun and nostalgic compilation to put together. Following a ton of fans asking about earlier and hard to find music they decided to release Rare and Unreleased Volume 1. It is not available in a package, but releasing a digital only album can be done for around sixty bucks these days. This makes the music available to those who are willing to buy it without the budget strain of a full fledged release. There may also be an upcoming Volume 2 and 3 in the future.

Tony says that the best thing about this disc is that the songs are already created. These can be released while the band works on the next full length to keep interest in Bella Morte’s happenings during slow periods.

I noticed the disc is called volume one. Is there some sort of secret Bella Morte cave somewhere in Charlottesville that has volumes upon volumes of unreleased stuff?

Listen to their response!

There are a lot of songs. There is one song that was never released and a demo from Bleed The Grey Sky Black. There is also a song called “Flatlined” from a Hot Topic exclusive album that Metropolis put out titled Metropolis Rebirth 2.0 that may make an appearance, pending the approval of the label.

Is there any information you can share on the next full length release like a title, release date, or anything?

Listen to their response!

They are aiming for October. There is no title yet, but pretty much two songs are done on it so far. Andy calls the new album “dark” bringing back a lot of the synth sound from earlier recordings. On Before the Flood many of the songs make use of the highest register of Andy’s vocals, though the next disc employs a more baritone place. This will be much of a throw back to the earlier sounds of the band’s music.

Direct link to the video

How is Metropolis working out?

Listen to their response!

They are great. They don’t offer huge tour support but they are great to work with. They never make promises that they don’t keep and they do not tamper with the band’s creative visions. Tony shares a horror story from another band with an overbearing music label who changed so much of their release that it became a totally different album once it hit the shelves.

How did you guys hook up with the band Car Bomb and end up on the documentary Why You Do This?

Listen to their response!

First, let me say that I had a slip up. The film is called Why You Do This, not Why Do We Do This. Keep in mind this was at the very end of a weekend long con. I blame the sleep deprivation.

Gorgeous Frankenstein put the tour together, contacting Bella Morte and Car Bomb separately as support acts. The guys in Car Bomb are great and very talented. The tour was economically devastating but the two other bands were great to work with. Tony shares the unfortunate truth that older generations don’t really go to shows anymore. They agree that Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, formally of The Misfits, is one of the nicest guys they’ve met. He is very quiet and private and has somewhat of a weak stomach. Andy and Tony share a story in which they kept showing him Two Girls One Cup (Google it, I’m not linking to that on here).

You keep busy creating in one form or another. What can you tell us about some of your other music projects such as The Rain Within and Brighter Fires?

Listen to their response!

Brighter Fires was a way for Andy and Gopal Metro to get back together and hang out more. He enjoys this because he gets to play guitar, among other things. The Rain Within is more of a solo act in which Andy uses music that doesn’t quite fit the Bella Morte mold. Tony has also done other side projects such as a punk band and Undergrave, an old school death rock band with Gopal Metro. Both Tony and Andy agree that it doesn’t make sense for band members to act jealous over other side projects. They are both very cool with each expanding their horizons.

I noticed that you are appearing on the upcoming Electronic Saviors 2 compilation. What can you tell us about that?

Listen to their response!

The compilation is for a good cause and they are happy to be a part of it. Andy shares a story about his friend Shawn Decker from Synthetic Division and helping out with a similar cause in Charlottesville. There is also a The Rain Within track on there, so Andy gets to make two appearances.

What is more difficult or tedious to create, music or books?

Listen to their response!

They are about even now, but books were intimidating when he first started writing. They share a story about when he was composing his first novel. Many days often incorporate a few hours of working on music followed by a few hours of working on a book. Andy claims to have a very short attention span, but Tony rats him out for playing video games for twelve hours at a time.

Are there any new books in the planning stages and what would you tell someone unfamiliar with The Sticks or any of your other books?

Listen to their response!

A new novella was recently sold to Delirium Books called No Turning Back. Andy’s books are all horror stories, but with a tinge of humor to them. The new book is a horrific story told by a funny guy. Funny things do not happen, but the personalities of Tony and Andy play a part of the main character so it is sometimes told with a familiar sense of humor.

Direct link to the video

You mentioned video games. What kind of games do you play and what else do you do in your free time when you aren’t creating?

Listen to their response!

Andy is in a Halo clan called “The Bulls”. It is awesome. Tony is terrible at video games, but he liked the original Nintendo. Tony tends to spend his free time still just playing guitar. Andy feels that if he would spend some of that guitar time playing Halo he might be pretty good at it by now.

If you could be a hot dog, what condiments would you have and would you eat yourself?

Listen to their response!

The guys seemed to be caught off guard by this question at first. Andy is quick to assure that he does in fact eat himself already and responds with a coy “if I was a hot dog, I would have you slather me with semen” toward Tony. Tony counters with “I would have mustard and ketchup because I like to keeps things simple but still be awesome and delicious.” Andy complements his quick thinking and quickly jumps back to the questionable subject matter of Tony’s hot dog’s sexuality.

Is there anything else that you guys want to mention?

Listen to their response!

Bella They are also on Facebook and very interactive with their fans on there. Tons of videos are available on YouTube, such as “In The Dirt” which is embedded above. The Toxic Avenger crushes Andy’s head in the video, but Tony wasn’t impressed because he thinks that it should have been real. That’s not nice, Tony.

Bella Morte - Before The Flood
MP3 file has been removed. Sorry!

Oh yeah! I do not recommend doing a Google Image Search for “Hot Dog Semen”. Thanks a lot for that, Andy. Some things can not be unseen.

Now that's a hot dog.


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