VIDEO/MP3: Eight Songs That I Am Into Right Now

Posted on October 18, 2010 by Skittle.
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It has been a while since my last “Eight Songs” post. Over the past month I have received a ton of great music via my inbox. That’s where many of these eight tracks came to my attention, in fact.


Hey look, it’s an octopus! They have eight legs! Coincidence? I think not. Check out four videos and four mp3s for some cool songs that have been swimming around my world lately after the break.

1. Madonna featuring Gogol Bordello, “La Isla Bonita / Pala Tute”

I happened upon this epic pairing of Madonna along with Eugene Hütz and Sergey Ryabtsev of Gogol Bordello not long ago while browsing through videos of the gypsy punk band. Apparently the performance took place at Live Earth back in 2007. It is a pretty great mashup of two of the more well known songs from Madonna and Gogol Bordello, “La Isla Bonita” and “Pala Tute” respectively. The performance is nicely organized and beautifully executed. I must say the sound of Hütz’s voice and Serg’s violin complements Madonna quite well.

Direct link to the video

2. The Heavy, “That Kind Of Man 1.1″

The Heavy has a new EP dropping October 19 for their hit single “How You Like Me Now”. The disc will include new versions of the popular track as well as this new version of their previously released “That Kind Of Man”. A few new tracks are also present. The Heavy has a great sound. It’s no wonder they have taken off so well lately.

Download “That Kind Of Man 1.1″ now! (Right-click, save as)

3. Danielle DeLaite, “Nothing To Wear”

Hailing from all the way down under in Sydney, Australia Danielle DeLaite is a twenty-three year old trying to break into the pop music scene. Her music video for “Nothing To Wear” really caught my attention because… well… watch it yourself. Watch it in HD. :-D

Direct link to the video

4. The Dig, “You’re Already Gone”

The Dig is a new indie rock band on the scene based out of New York. Their newest album is called Electric Toys and features this catchy number named “You’re Already Gone”. You can see the band on tour now through mid-November. Check out their page on MySpace for up to date tour info.

Download “You’re Already Gone” now! (Right-click, save as)

5. Loomis & The Lust, “A.D.D.”

The guys from Loomis & The Lust hail from Santa Barbara, California. The pop rock outfit is currently promoting their latest release, an EP called Space Camp. The five-track disc provides fine examples of the band’s fun melody-driven sound. The song “A.D.D.” even got it’s own music video. It’s actually a very elaborate and well thought out video too, particularly if you happen to watch a lot of television. The song pokes fun at Attention Deficit Disorder, something that primary songwriter Will Loomis admits to having.

Direct link to the video

6. The Dirty Heads, “Lay Me Down”

Another band that I’ve been into lately hailing from Southern California is The Dirty Heads. Their debut album Any Port In A Storm was first released in 2008, though they did not come to my attention until I heard the track “Lay Me Down” on the radio in my car recently. The band’s sound touches various genres such as rock, reggae, and hip-hop. “Lay Me Down” features guest vocals from Rome Ramirez of the new incarnation of Sublime minus the late Brad Nowell, now called simply Sublime With Rome.

Download “Lay Me Down” now! (Right-click, save as)

7. Jukebox The Ghost, “Schizophrenia”

Jukebox The Ghost is a Philly based trio featuring catchy yet complex piano laden rock music. They are currently promoting their newest album titled Everything Under The Sun. The leading track of the new disc is “Schizophrenia”, made popular by a performance on David Letterman’s late night show. Check out the video for the song and if you like what you hear get you a copy of Everything Under The Sun.

Direct link to the video

8. Android Lust, “God In The Hole”

A one-woman industrial project, Android Lust is the brain child of Shikhee. She is a Bangladeshi-born New Yorker who has been making music in the industrial scene as singer, songwriter, and producer of Android Lust for nearly a decade. This is all while maintaining what people like us call a “real life”, working all day and recording all night. Following a couple album releases through Projekt Records Shikhee released the newest disc The Human Animal on her own Synthellec Music label. Give “God In The Hole” from the new album a listen.

Download “God In The Hole” now! (Right-click, save as)

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