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Posted on October 9, 2010 by Skittle.
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It has been too long since I posted an album, particularly in FLAC. Back in 1984 David Bowie released a disc called Tonight. It was liked by some, but dismissed by many. The world was a different place in the mid-80′s, after all.

David Bowie, 1983

Some considered Tonight a desperate attempt to followup the success of 1983′s Let’s Dance, lacking the life and dedication that previous Bowie albums oozed. Despite the naysayers Tonight did managed to produce the hits “Blue Jean” and “Loving The Alien”. The title track of the album also features the familiar voice of Tina Turner. It was rereleased in 1995 on CD featuring three bonus tracks, however it seems to be out of print now. Therefore I am bringing it to you here in both FLAC or mp3 formats.

I like the album. I really do. From the reggae-tinged feel of some tracks to the Beach Boys cover it really has its own uniqueness and quality about it. Plus the rerelease features three new bonus tracks! One, “As The World Falls Down”, is actually from the film Labyrinth.

David Bowie - Tonight

David Bowie – Tonight (Right-click, save as)
1. Loving The Alien (FLAC | MP3)
2. Don’t Look Down (FLAC | MP3)
3. God Only Knows (FLAC | MP3)
4. Tonight (FLAC | MP3)
5. Neighborhood Threat (FLAC | MP3)
6. Blue Jean (FLAC | MP3)
7. Tumble and Twirl (FLAC | MP3)
8. I Keep Forgetting (FLAC | MP3)
9. Dancing With The Big Boys (FLAC | MP3)
10. This Is Not America (FLAC | MP3) *
11. As The World Falls Down (FLAC | MP3) *
12. Absolute Beginners (FLAC | MP3) *
* 1995 Release Bonus Material

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