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Posted on May 27, 2010 by Skittle.
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So I just got back from a well deserved vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. I had a blast. There’s really nothing like looking out your balcony and seeing this.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Among the many different restaurants that we dined in (and I do mean many) over the weekend was a place called Margaritaville. This is, of course, one of the many eating establishments owned by fellow Mobilian Jimmy Buffett. The name is taken from one of his iconic tracks, “Margaritaville”. Check out that mp3 and more info about my trip after the break. :-)

We found a great place on the beach to eat once we arrived. I believe it was called Damon’s. I enjoyed my pizza burger as birds flew near and in the distance people did too. Bright yellow parachutes and a long string connecting to a boat below were the only things between them and the sky. I think they call it parasailing. Maybe that’s a next trip thing. After the meal we all enjoyed some beach time. After a few hours came the part which I had been looking forward to the most, a dinner at a California Pizza Kitchen. I ordered an interesting Mediterranean concoction known as the Santa Cruz. The possibilities seemed limitless though. After hanging out for a while longer and acquiring a pack of Jimmy Buffett’s island lager Landshark everyone went in for the night.

The next day we set out to a breakfast buffet in town. I believe it was called Mammy’s. It was pretty great and I had a chance to color on a placemat with crayons which is always fun. Throughout the day we mostly spent our time shopping and just enjoying our vacation time off. After a meal at a huge seafood buffet called the Giant Crab we went on a ghost walk. It was actually pretty fun as a pirate led us through a South Carolina swamp and told us historical stories about ghosts and legends of the area. One really grabbed my attention, the legend of the South Carolina Lizard Man. I couldn’t help but picture him looking something like Bossk.


The next day is when we finally had the opportunity to hit up the Broadway at the Beach area of the town. Our first stop was the Ripley’s Aquarium. I have always loved aquariums, the waters hold some of the most interesting species this planet has to offer. After a trip through the various areas and some shopping we enjoyed a meal at Margaritaville. With some grilled tilapia and a “Bama Breeze” I sat and enjoyed some live music. After the day winded down we traveled back to the hotel which had its own bowling alley and arcade. I was quickly reminded at how bad I am at bowling and yet I am an air hockey champion. After a late night stroll on the beach it was time to retire for the night.

Our final day at the beach started off with a meal on the pier. The food was okay but the view was sensational. After we finished eating we perused down the pier itself. My eye was caught when a large stingray surfaced and began to swim along the pier. It was a cool way to end my trip. We left Myrtle Beach but were not directly homeward bound. First we set out to a town called Bishopville, home of Scape Ore Swamp and the infamous Lizard Man. The place was small, the key attraction being a small cotton museum. We searched and searched but never seemed to find any Bossk-like creatures. Aw well. He must have outwitted us this time.

Anyway, check out the mp3 for Jimmy Buffett’s epic “Margaritaville” below. :-)

Jimmy Buffett - All the Great Hits
Download “Margaritaville” now! (Right-click, save as)

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