REVIEW: Electronic Saviors Benefit Concert @ Springfield, VA

Posted on March 3, 2010 by Skittle.
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I had the opportunity to catch an amazing evening of concerts the other day. The benefit concert / release party for the new compilation Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer featured a number of acts performing some pretty great tunes.

Electronic Saviors

The compilation features 83 exclusive tracks from bands throughout the genre. Jim Semonik, being present in the scene for nearly a decade now, is responsible for the five-disc titan released with the help of Metropolis Records. After a successful bout with colon cancer Jim knew that something needed to be done. Electronic Saviors is likely the most impressive compilation release in the scene that I can remember. Even better than getting to hear all of the amazing tracks included the proceeds from the sales are donated to the Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness based in Harrisburg, PA. The discs are also limited to 2500 copies so be sure to get yours soon. And don’t pirate it! It’s for cancer research, dammit! It’s actually very affordable for what you receive. I’ve included a link to buy the thing as well as a couple mp3s to sample. Check them out below.

Official site | MySpace

Unfortunately I missed the first band to perform, Cyber Strukture. I was out galavanting throughout D.C. so we showed up a bit late to the early show, starting at 2pm. Luckily we did arrive in time to catch the majority of a set from Xuberx. I’m not very familiar with their work, but their stage show was entertaining. I would go as far as to say they rocked, I suppose.

After a break and some music from one of the attending DJs the show continued right on time. In fact I was very impressed with the organization and timeliness of the night’s progression. When do you ever go to a concert that is actually on time? Especially with eight performing acts! Sonik Foundry was the next to take the stage. I was actually a little familiar with Sonik Foundry’s work before heading into the show. It is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/composer/everything else Nikodemus. They put on a pretty great show as well. The track that was provided for Electronic Saviors titled “Stigmata” was performed during their set. A very catchy piece.

Download Sonik Foundry’s “Stigmata” now! (Right-click, save as)

The next band to take the stage was Boole. This is an act that I was completely unfamiliar with yet I ended up leaving the building with all of their CDs. The band is truly a unique one. Two of the members, brothers Brad and Mike Barkett, actually use their saxophones in their electronic music and especially during their live shows along with Ian Andrew Hall on vocals. They played some songs from their newest album, The Vital Few, as well as some great ones from their earlier release Pheromones. We were also treated to stunning covers of “Mr. Roboto” by Styx, Lynard Skynard’s “Free Bird”, and even “America, Fuck Yeah” from Team America: World Police. I even recall Donna Lynch of Ego Likeness taking the stage to sing and dance along at one point. I thoroughly enjoyed their set. Check them out!

The following performance was from Interface. The live band seemed to consist of Eric Eldredge, the man behind the electronic band since its creation in 1993, as well as a couple guests. Firstly Jim Semonik, the fellow throwing the concert on, took the stage and played along throughout the show. Also present was Rick, who you may know as MindCage from Mindless Faith (Check him out hanging with Tiger Towel!). He played the drums for the performance. They rocked some pretty cool music with a lot of energy.

Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer
Buy Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer Now!

The Chicago, IL based I:Scintilla was the next band to perform. I had seen them before pretty recently during The Crüxshadows‘s “Immortal” tour. They have a great sound. They put on a pretty energetic and fun show.

Next up was the band that I was the most excited for, Ego Likeness. They are one of my favorite acts today and they are great people. As expected their performance did not disappoint. Donna Lynch’s vocals sounded amazing and Steve Archer rocked the house as only he can. They also had two drumkits set up, the first time I had seen that at an Ego Likeness show. They welcomed Rick back to the stage for one and former In Tenebris drummer Mike Johnson took helm of the other. The audience was treated to some tunes from older albums such as Water To The Dead and The Order Of The Reptile as well as new and (to me at least) unheard songs from the unreleased Breedless. They actually had copies of the new CD at their merch table so I made sure to go ahead and buy my copy. The official street date isn’t until April, however they are selling advance copies at their shows until then. They remixed one of their songs for the Electronic Saviors release, “Save Your Serpent”. Check out the new mix.

Download Ego Likeness’ “Save Your Serpent (Light As A Feather Mix)” now! (Right-click, save as)

The band closing out the evening’s festivities was Terrorfakt, joined by Steve Archer on drums who had just played with Ego Likeness. I had never seen a show quite like Terrorfakt’s. Their sound is heavy industrial and incorporates instruments as varied as license plates, stop signs, electric sanders, and shopping carts. That’s right… electric sanders and shopping carts


The day ended a very successful one. I spoke with Steve and Donna and got a copy of Breedless and some cool art. I got to meet Jim Semonik and thank him for the night. I even got to see a couple friends that I normally only see once a year. After it was all over and we all had a good meal the six hour ride back home began. At least I had some new music to listen to on the drive!

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